The Short Story

Congratulations on finding David Ritare! I’m a multidisciplinary Art Director situated in Stockholm Sweden. I have strengths in both Strategic thinking and Craftsmanship. The old phrase “form follows function” is surprisingly easy to understand once one has come to the realisation that nothing can just simply be aesthetically appealing and generate a good business. In those cases it does, we’re merely discussing art. To me it is equally important to land the strategic communication as it is to master the tools.

I have worked with brands such as TABASCO®, SunMaid, Grey Poupon, Kikkoman, Berocca and more.

“To me it is equally important to land the strategic communication as it is to master the tools.”

David Riting

The Long Story

When people ask me what I work with I usually find it hard to answer. There are some obvious answers to give, but I wish I could just say “I help people to say what they want to say to the people who matter to them through images”. But that would most certainly just leave people with a confused face wondering if I’m a nut-job. However I can easily say that I work with what I love to do.

I consider myself a world citizen. This is mostly due to my upbringing. Having parents working for numerous Aid organisations leads to a whole lot of travelling. I was born in Botswana (Technically Johannesburg due to the lack of adequate hospitals in Gaborone), and have since then lived in 6 different countries including Zimbabwe, Sri-Lanka, Yemen, Kenya and now back to my roots in Sweden.

I think that this has lead me to have a broad view on things. Something that I find important in my profession. I’m always striving to figure out the context in what I’m designing in order to make sense over whether or not there is a potential to improve the result.

Having travelled a lot has also lead me to understand different cultures. Also a trait I find useful at work and everyday life. Even though my arabic skills are rather rusty, (I left Yemen in 98) I find it surprisingly easy it is to gain immediate contact with people who are native arabic speakers living in Sweden. In fact a lot of times I get good discounts when haggling in shops or taking taxis!

On another level this is exactly what good design masters. When you speak the “language” of the target group you want to sell a product to fluently, they most likely will buy it. Sometimes they even fall in love.

A drawback to living the expat life is the fact that a contract may just last 3 years, with luck it can be prolonged to 5. This has made realise how important time is. You only have a certain amount of hours to do what you really want to do. The friends I made living abroad are among the best I could ever imagine. I sometimes think that we all knew that time was sparse and so we made the most of it.

Obviously this is also really applicable to work. Instead of wasting time on figuring out in which direction the project is leading during the production process, I always try to emphasise the importance of thinking it through before lifting the pen. This leads to more time to spend on innovative and creative solutions which may give a better result in the end. The client doesn’t always know what he or she wants and that is where I come in to help them realise it before we start on the details. learning by doing can be great, but not always time-efficiant.

Something that I have really appreciated during my travels is the constant exposure to new impressions. From the early years going on safaris with the family in our Landrover to scuba diving in Sri Lanka the list is long.

To learn new things is paramount to be able to achieve successful design. I really enjoy this aspect of work. I have worked with everything from construction, to hot-sauces. And during the time gathered bits of knowledge that in combination can create something completely new. All experiences are good experiences (even the bad).

Hope you found this interesting enough to get this far! Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

2015 – present

KUF Design
Art Director.

2012 – 2015

Bilbo & Co
Art Director. Brands such as: TABASCO®, SunMaid, Kikkoman, Grey Poupon, Berocca

2011 – 2012

Q-Park Sweden
Graphic Designer for Sweden. Also worked with the head office in the Netherlands. Assignments included working with the international graphic profile, and startup of the Swedish Parking app – Hitta Parkering.

2005 – 2010

Revenew Garden Reklambyrå (previously Nolfelt & Co)
Art Director. Responsible for about 15 different clients such as HRM affärsutveckling, Regina af Vindö Yachts, Starke Arvid, Infotool, Tylömarks Trädgårdar.

2004 –

Freelancing (David Ritare)
Art Director. To name a few: Bluebird Event AB, Playworks AB, Asphalt Amazons, Orion Casino, SISU Human Resources, Garabedian Sounds.

2003 – 2004

Kick Magazine
Co-founder and Graphic Designer for the start-up of  KICK magazine Sweden.
(A magazine by and for up and coming graphic designers) Branch-out of KICK Holland.



KTH – LEAN (Fundamental course in the LEAN filosophy on effectivity)

2002 – 2004

Forsbergs (Reklam & Grafisk Design / Advertising and Graphic Design)

2001- 2002

Forsbergs (Grafisk Design kvällskurs / Graphic Design part time evenings)

2000 – 2001

Folkuniversitetet (Stora Konstkursen & Teckning / Fine Arts and Illustration)

1998 – 2000

Sigtuna Humanistiska Läroverk (International Baccalaureate – Art & Design)

Technical Skills

Illustrator CC
Photoshop CC
Indesign CC
Office 365

Clients & Brands

Some of the clients and brands that I have worked with throughout the years